About us

Everyone has a custom need to differentiate themselves from their competition – yet the complexity & costs of custom software are typically debilitating (or at the very least nonsensical).

Having worked on both custom & commercial software, across a variety of businesses, especially the enterprise, made this observation clear.

Moreover, projects suffered exceptionally high failure rates stemming from a few simple yet important elements that could be better moderated with a very different architecture & process.

The mission was to resolve those very difficult elements and build a platform for it to stand upon. Although the technology was not available yet, some clever engineering & software development laid the successful foundation for Kennon Software and its customers.

20+ years and 3 major platform updates later, Kennon Software continues to successfully develop its custom solutions on a commercial platform for its customers.

Combining the best of custom & commercial software worlds, the technology developed embraces the latest innovations but in a manner that guarantees maintainability, security, and stability.

We count ourselves fortunate to have all our founders and an exceptional team of experienced & talented individuals that look forward to coming into work every day to help our customers save time, money, and improve their businesses. It has afforded Kennon Software the opportunity to spin up some successful businesses of our own leveraging all aspects of our expertise – so like our customers, we too are a customer.