Custom Business Software


An Experienced Team with Market Expertise

Fortune 100 Successes

From private jet cabin systems programming, portal based management, customer billing, and analytics/reporting to custom manufacturing database tracking – our team have accomplished interesting results garnering certification’s in the process.

Quoting, Underwriting, Binding, Claims

Property and Casualty to General Aviation, we have implemented custom systems managing millions of endorsements, policies, and legal documents for multiple carrier and agents. Internal systems to automated policy holder facing systems, we have built and integrated a variety of scenarios successfully.

All HIPAA, All the Time

Clinician systems, Intensive Care Unit performance management, and surgical management & analytics are a few of the successful implementations of our platform in service of very unique requirements our team has developed. A variety of medical partners ensure our breadth and depth of understanding for tangible results.

CRM to custom Kiosks

Customer relationship management, store analytics, POS & VoIP integrations, custom centralized Kiosk systems, and a bit more. Our team has built some cost saving, highly integrated solutions to provide competitive advantage to our clients. Moreover, works with our IT company to ensure end-to-end implementation successes.

Portfolios to Property Management

Building management, portfolio asset management, ERP integrations, and centralized kiosk building solutions are interesting parts of our project experience & successes.


Internationalized sales/revenue analytics, sales & payroll custom solutions, legacy & leading three accounting integrations, asset management & UI projects for a leading ERP software manufacturer, are among our portfolio. Our lead architect’s experience building GL, AR, AP, and Inventory systems informs our uniquely transactional product architecture.

Foundations Matter

Customer Relationship Management is involved in most all things in one varied form or another – from simple contacts to marketing campaigns & sales funnel management. Across all projects and industries this is the critical element intertwined if not driving all projects to some degree – and the foundation of our xMaverick platform. Beside being Fortune 100 tested, our platform (and CRM feature set) have been licensed to the largest software vendor in a significant vertical market further underlining the value we bring to every customer.

Breaking the Mold

Many projects have outliers that ultimately are important enough to warrant attention. Combining our software expertise with our subsidiary IT company, we have been able to create a variety of interesting sub-projects to our core projects – including: signage systems, kiosk systems, VoIP integrations, GPS fleet systems, Microsoft Office commercial plugins, Open Source software plugins, and a bit more.

More than 100.000 users and the best rating on Themeforest

Enfold is the best rated top seller on Themeforest. There is no other theme with that many sales that has an average rating of 4.85. Heck, you will be hard pressed to find ANY product on the web with that many sales and a rating that good 😉

Multi-Platform UX


Custom UX Experiences


Large display layout optimizations, data-entry focused usability


Mobile-ready and responsive – optimize your business needs for the devices needed


Leading edge, not bleeding edge use of supported technologies


Consistent navigation and flat learning-curve across devices

Everyone has a custom need to differentiate themselves from their competition

Yet the complexity & costs of custom software are typically debilitating (or at the very least nonsensical).

1/3 the Time

Our custom development times are typically one third traditional development. By leveraging our Fortune 100 tested commercial enterprise platform, we deliver tangible results faster.

Commercial Support

Thousands of users can attest, custom software results with commercial software support & benefits. New core features and product updates occur independently of your customized system.

Cloud or On-Premises

Stay flexible & keep the CIO/CTO happy. A highly scalable cloud platform at its foundation, your custom solution can be deployed to the cloud or on-premises as requirements dictate.

Important Aspects, Technologies, and Benefits

  • Web-based
  • Transactional Systems (audit/security)
  • Dynamic Data Model (flexibilty/security)
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Data warehousing/marts (reporting ease)
  • Analytics (deep learning/AI)
  • HIPAA/PCI Compliance
  • HTML5 / Javascript / SQL (industry standards)
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • R, Python, TensorFlow (leading technologies)
  • Current & Legacy ERP (accounting integrations)
  • VoIP, Kiosk, IoT (broad integration expertise)
  • UX Design, Branding (in-house design)
  • Process/Workflow Consulting

A growing library of more than 2 dozen demos

Our demos are one of a kind: we only offer full concept demos with multiple pages that show whole projects, unlike others who only include a single page and call that a demo 😉

You can import them with a single click, they are easily adaptable to your needs and you can chose from a variety of layouts and niche designs. In addition to that you can also use the demo images used in our demo for your own project!

Our great Visual Layout Editor just got better:
Now with live previews!


Step 1: Add an element to the visual editor canvas


Step 2: Edit the element to your likings. A visual preview will be shown to the right for most content elements.


Step 3: Rinse and repeat, until you got a great website 😉

There are several approaches when it comes to content editing but we consider our Advanced Layout Editor one of the best.

We prefer a backend editor to one that is placed on the frontend, because there is less clutter and the layout process is usually much easier.

However, there are merits to a frontend editor. The biggest one is that you can see how the element your are editing looks like at any given time.

This is why we have implemented a live preview window for our content elements. So now you got the best of both worlds: easy layout building and visual content editing 🙂

What our customers say


After spending millions to limited success, Kennon Software did in 6 months what we couldn’t in 3 years – and did it well, at a fraction of the cost. More to their credit, their industry expertise helped us refine our solution such that it saves us in excess of $50M a quarter. No better team have we ever found. Thank you!

Cut our development times by 65%, our costs by half, and the time our staff spent debugging beta’s by nearly 90%. We have increased EBITDA every year thanks to the technology & help of the guys at Kennon Software. Our company depends on our custom xMaverick solution. Can’t say enough good things.

Built and deployed our custom CRM, a kiosk system, and store systems, plus integrated VoIP & POS along with our accounting in a shockingly short time; and cost-effectively. The ultimate startup business partner if ever there was one. Incredible.

Replaced our legacy system, integrated to our ERP, leveraged our aircraft uplink systems, replaced our billing system, plus provided an end-user portal to managing everything – quickly and substantially less than any other bids we had. More importantly leveraged their IT company’s expertise as a favor for us, redesigning our data center & cutting our data center rebuild costs enormously. Excellent partner.

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support forum if you got any question and our team will respond, thats for sure! We got thousands of solved threads and a customer satisfaction of 97%. We do care that your site runs great!